9/11, 11 Years Later

Here we are again. 

My Twitter and Facebook timelines have exploded all day with remembrances of 9/11/01. 

On this day, we all come together again. We hold our memorials and make our tributes. We share our memories, our losses, our sorrows, our prayers, and our hope for a better future, a better America.

And tomorrow it will be business as usual for another year. 

When I was browsing tweets earlier today, one stood out to me.  This is what Aaron Sagers of Paranormal Pop Culture and Paranormal Paparazzi had to say.

I would only add to this sentiment what I’ve said many times before. That we remember  and act accordingly every day, not just on the anniversary. 

9/11 and its aftermath showed us that the majority of Americans CAN put aside petty differences, and work together toward common goals.  To remember this only one day a year, then go back to all the mud-slinging and bickering, IMHO, does a disservice to this country, and to the memories of 9/11…

Oh, why bother. I’ve said it all before. Reading over my thoughts on this day 3 years ago, it’s clear that nothing has changed. These wars we are battling with each other continue on with no peaceful end in sight. The “war on marriage”, “war on religion”, “war on women”, etc. To say that I’m sick of it all is an understatement.  

All I can do is continue to reflect my beliefs in my own actions and behaviors, and to pray that it doesn’t take another gianormous tragedy like 9/11/01 for people of this country to get their heads out of their asses and find a way to get along with one another.

If anyone cares, my thoughts from 3 years ago are here: 9/11/09, Crystal’s Concerns