Ostara Blessings

“If there comes a little thaw,

Still the air is chill and raw,

Here and there a patch of snow,

Dirtier than the ground below,

Dribbles down a marshy flood;

Ankle-deep you stick in mud

In the meadows while you sing

This is Spring.”

~ Christopher Pearce Cranch, A Spring Growl

My dog, Mollie, and I were returning from our before-bed walk, during which I was lost in thought about my lack of Spring fever with the Vernal Equinox upon us. With the recent St. Patrick’s Day festivities also lingering in my mind, bits of Irish songs were still swimming around my head, and I was singing as we strolled…

“The raindrops still cling to the branches
And the sun makes them diamonds at dawn
The birds sing a song for the whole world to hear
And Nature she just carries on
The winter’s retreated
Defeated by Spring…”

And there’s where my train of thought derailed.

Doesn’t that just drive you batty? Part of a song stuck in your head?

I know the song – I’ve heard my friends from Ireland perform it several times. But while ascending the stairs to our front door, I just could not remember the song title so that I could find the rest of the lyrics.  ARGH!

So, in my attempt to shake off the song, I surfed around in cyberspace for some other prose to spark my Springtime spirit. I quickly found the poem that now begins this blog. I laughed out loud, startling my black beauty from her post-walk grooming. I couldn’t have described our walk better. It certainly doesn’t feel like the eve of the first day of Spring here in Massachusetts.

But the wheel of the year has turned again, bringing us to Ostara, to Winter’s end. And though we may still walk through patches of melting snow – early Spring breezes are starting to blow. We now celebrate the Earth’s fertility, and the Goddess in her maiden form, this time of new beginnings, and the strengthening sun that warms.


With some hard-boiled eggs chilling in the fridge, to be transformed into my Sabbat egg-salad at sunrise, and a serious case of the sleepies, it is time for my four-legged friend and I to rest.

Sweet Spring dreams to all!

Blessed Ostara!