Farewell My Friend

For the last time today 
You closed your eyes 
As I stroked your head 
And said my goodbyes 
I know that this was best for you 
It was your time to leave 
And for those of us who love you 
It is our time to grieve 
Today my heart is broken 
Though I know in time I’ll heal 
But right now I just can’t help 
The sorrow that I feel 
The warmth of your soft black fur 
I will never feel again 
The comfort of your cuddles 
And sloppy kisses on my skin 
How much I’m already missing you 
Our home – it feels so empty 
I’m left with this huge void in my life 
Where my sweet Mollie used to be 
It’s hard to think of better times 
As I struggle through my tears 
But I am so very thankful 
For our many happy years 
And for all the joy and happiness 
To so many of us you’ve brought 
We always will remember you 
You’ve left your paw prints on our hearts 
Over the rainbow bridge now you must go 
To reach your journey’s end 
Know that our love goes with you 
And that you were my bestest friend! 

Miss Mollie girl

November 2, 1996 ~ July 21, 2011

Rest in Peace