Story of a Spell-Seeking Teen – Part III

In case you missed the beginning of the story:  Part I

And/or the middle:  Part II


X changes spiritual systems, and becomes an expert? in one day!
X posts this link:  Read this article: Wiccans.

And these were X’s words about Wiccans today:

“They have left the road of Christ. Christ is all a person needs to be successful with. Sometimes the Devil and Evil spirits tempt people to leave GOD. I’ve been tempted by Satan to fall down this road that I no longer want to go down to. If you believe in God and keep faith in him then everything will be good. Personally, Wiccans use the excuse that if one is a stranger then they will not cast spells for others. Or other excuses in which you must cast your own spells. PROVE that you religion is real if you claim it to be as good as you say. Simply put: It’s not real. If it were real they would prove to the World that the religion they follow is higher in power then God. But they don’t. They meet mostly in secrecy and do not have legitimate openings where other people can discover this religion. Churches, Kingdom Halls and etc. are known about. However, you do not hear about where Wiccans meet. Wiccans are never mentioned on the news about helping people. When was the last time you’ve ever heard on the news that someone who has cast a spell has helped someone? I was silly enough to believe that this was real. They keep to themselves and run in pacts. This is because they do not realize what is wrong here. They will get defensive and try to argue. However, I find that at least other religions can come out and let the world know what they are about no matter what happens. Until we see them actually cast their spells to help heal this world and make it any better then what they claim God hasn’t done, I believe that they should hush.. They prove nothing and will keep on scamming young teenagers to join them. The “KKK,” group was evil but simply had followers because evil people stick together. Pray to God to help us all.

How can mixing herbs and dirt together automatically help you?

Hmm . . . If you would like to argue with me about Christianity, E-Mail me personally. We can debate and I will prove you WRONG!

Okay X, enough is enough – nobody tried “scamming” you into the religion of Wicca – YOU approached us, with a skewed idea of what Wicca is.  You also obviously have no idea what witchcraft is and what it is not, no basic understanding of the work involved in casting an effective spell, and you seriously lack a sense of ethics, not to mention your lack of good manners and respect for your elders.  Doors WERE opened for you – YOU are the one who slammed them shut.

Being a priest or priestess of Wicca does not mean one has to coddle you or do your bidding without question.   And it doesn’t mean we are obligated to tell you what you want to hear.  If you can’t handle honesty, that is your issue, not ours.

If you don’t wish to actually learn about what the religion of Wicca is (which for the umpteenth time is NOT all about spells), that’s fine, but you need not spread misinformation and lies about Wicca either.

By all means X, turn to Christianity if you feel that is better suited for you.  Personally, I don’t understand how anyone can go from believing in Wicca (a polytheistic religion) to Christianity (a monotheistic religion) in one day.  And I feel that joining one religion because you are angry with folks from another religion isn’t exactly the right reason – but to each their own.  I will warn though that you will not find Christianity to be all about granting prayers and getting  everything you want.   Both Christianity and Wicca are serious SPIRITUAL paths, and neither is about instant gratification.

And now you are actively looking to argue in defense of Christianity?  After one day of  “being Christian”.  Lovely.  I’m sorry, but the truth is that you are not showing any interest in any actual spirituality.

I can only hope that you will take more time to study and learn about your new-found path and its teachings than you did with Wicca, and that you will find the peace and happiness you seek.

But for goodness sake, would you please at least grab a dictionary and look up the word “stranger”, try to understand the context in which it was used and put it in proper perspective!