Sailing into 2012

Last year, my Spirit Sister of Deaf Pagan Crossroads suggested to me the idea of forgoing the usual New Year’s Resolution, and instead choosing a word for the year, something that would set the tone for my year, to align with my goals and desires.

We make New Year’s Resolutions with the best of intentions of course, but let’s be honest, how many resolutions are actually kept for the whole year?  I would do well with my past resolutions until maybe March.  But a word…that’s simple, easy to remember, easy to reach for when life gets in the way of our focusing on our own needs.  The beauty of this language is that one little word can hold so much meaning.

Last year my word was DIG, which you can read more about here.  And I’ll tell you what – it worked!  I did work the concepts and goals I associated with this word throughout the year.  Did I wander off my path here & there along the way?  Sure.  I’m human, or so they tell me. 😉 But when I recognized that I was off track, all I had to do was say to myself, “Dig damnit!” and all that meaning and intention came back to my conscious thinking.  

It took me awhile to find my word for 2012.  Inspired by the book “Destination Truth: Memoirs of a Monster Hunter” by Josh Gates, released in October of 2011, I wanted my word to be travel related, but to also hold other goal-related meanings to me.  

Photo via Twitter @joshuagates

Then, gazing at the above picture, it finally hit me.  So, Happy New Year folks!  

My word for 2012 is SAIL.

Aside from the fact that I love sailing, I see this word as an acronym for Self-Acceptance Is Life, or alternatively, Self-Acceptance Is Love.  Though I’m not quite the perfectionist I used to be, I still often struggle with what REBT therapists call USA, or Unconditional Self-Acceptance.  (Boy, did I mentally beat myself up around my 40th birthday in September 2011 for various reasons, and admittedly I’ve often felt rather adrift in the fog since.)

Being that I see some circumstances coming up this year that are, in part, beyond my control, and are going to be difficult to deal with, this word reminds me that while “I can’t change the direction of the wind, I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination.”  (Thank you James Dean.)

SAIL also serves as a reminder to me to keep working toward and saving for my goal of taking a Halloween cruise with my friends at Haunt Jaunts this year.  (Bermuda Triangle, I’m coming for you!  But please let me come home again as I have more travel dream destinations to reach before I’m done with this life.)

Thoughts of sailing bring back happy childhood memories of several summer trips with my folks aboard the Schooner Stephen Taber, and all of the life lessons I learned on them.  

And the serene imagery of a boat on a sunset sail can be called up in meditations to calm troubled thoughts, to help me keep myself even-keeled.

Yes, storms are inevitable along my journey, but I have the skills to navigate the rough seas and sail smoothly back to my safe harbor.

Anybody care to come SAIL away with me?  

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