My first “Ghost Hunt” at home

After a dreary-weather day spent indoors puttering around the house on Sunday, I turned in for the night around 11:00.  I was expecting a good night’s sleep would allow me to kick off the work week feeling refreshed and recharged. 

But to paraphrase Robert Burns, the best laid plans often go awry.

I was just dozing off when I heard some seemingly scratching noises to the left of my bed near the outer wall of the room.  I sat up and checked for Mollie, who sometimes lays against that wall and kicks when she’s dreaming.  She was all curled up asleep in her bed in the opposite corner.  I assumed there must be a mouse or something inside the walls of the building, and made a note to myself to inform the landlord of this the next day.

Settling back down, I dozed off again.  About a half hour later, I heard more noises.  This time, they were clearly in the room.  It sounded as if something was moving things around on my bureau.  Alert again, I sat up, turned on the night stand light and scanned the room.  Nothing out of the ordinary was there.

This continued on throughout the night.  I would no sooner be drifting off to sleep when some odd noise would stir me up.  I would turn on the light, look around the room, check the dog (only to see she hadn’t budged an inch), turn off the light, and settle back down to sleep.  I wondered how much of what I was hearing was real vs. how much was all in my head because of the initial scratching noises at the beginning of the night.  Perhaps I was dreaming some of it.  Perhaps I was just psyching myself out and hearing things that weren’t really there.  Or perhaps, I had a spirit visitor?

Being as Samhain is just around the corner, a time of year when it is believed that the veil between the spirit world and the physical world is thin, allowing spirits the ability to travel easily between worlds – I pondered this possibility.  But no, let’s not overreact – while I’ve experienced my fair share of paranormal activity in my lifetime, it’s not been in my own house.  There has been a history of paranormal activity on the first floor of my apartment building, but never on my third floor.

I chalked this up to an overtired, overactive imagination at this point, rolled onto my side, and snuggled back up under the covers.  Then, before I even had the chance to start snoozing again…

Something grabbed my shoulder!

Whoa Nelly!  Okay, I did NOT dream or imagine that!  I was wide awake.  I jumped up, whipped off the covers, and flew to the light switch.  Again, I saw nothing out of the ordinary, except for…the stuff on the bureau that had indeed been moved around. I asked aloud, “is there someone here with me?” and waited for some kind of noise in response.  Nothing.  Not that I had an audio recorder at the time to catch an EVP, not sure what I was thinking.

So now I’m wide awake at 3:30 in the morning. I’m obviously not going to get any sleep in my bedroom.  I had awaken Mollie with my startled yelp when I felt my shoulder grabbed, and she was now giving me a disgusted look for disturbing her sleep.  I announced to her I was going to the living room. Being the good canine companion that she is, she immediately followed and found herself a suitable spot there to curl up and rest.   I grabbed a flashlight and my digital camera, and set off to do some TAPS style investigating.  I came up empty-handed on evidence, and by daylight, all was quiet.

Now we’ll flash forward to very late Monday night…stretched out on my couch in the dark, weary from a long, sleepless Sunday night, and a busy day at work, I now began to hear noises in the living room.  You have got to be kidding me.  What is going on here?  No sooner did I complete that thought out loud when something from my autumn altar fell to the ground – well, not fell exactly – it was pushed.  There was definitely some force behind it.  We’re not alone here Mollie!

I grabbed the camera I had kept by my side and began snapping pictures in that direction.

A few moments later, I reviewed the pictures.  I don’t know quite what I expected to see in the images, but this wasn’t exactly it:

My Ghost

Ahhh, so there’s my “ghost”!  LMAO now,  I just had to get a better shot of this.


Another case of possible paranormal activity DEBUNKED!  🙂

“So you’re the culprit!  I wonder how you managed to make so much noise, actually jump on my shoulder, then scurry out of sight every time I turned on a light?  And for that matter, how the heck did you get in here?  Well, you’re awfully cute, but you can’t stay.”

As I contemplated a capture and release strategy, which wasn’t easy to do with a foggy mind trying to run on no sleep, I turned to Mollie who was resting on the floor and lifted her head to look at me.  “Hey dog, anywhere else you’re all about sniffing out and chasing critters, but when you’ve got one running about wreaking havoc in your own house, you totally ignore it?”

She simply sighed and wiggled a bit to get more comfy where she lay.

The next hour of my time was spent trying to shoe this little critter outside through my now opened living room window.

He wasn’t quite ready to go. He jumped to the floor and ran (right past Mollie, who could have cared less) into the kitchen where he proceeded to clamber up my stair-climber machine and perch on top of one of the handles.  Extremely amused now, I asked him if he really felt a workout was necessary at this time.  Surely he had gotten enough exercise running all over my house and rearranging my stuff for two nights!

workout time

I eventually coaxed my little uninvited house guest out the window, where he ran down the ledge to the cable wires and crossed to the trees, the usual squirrel route around here.

I must say though, I was slightly disappointed that my first solo paranormal investigation had a normal, albeit amusing, explanation.

But that’s the way it goes.

Special thanks to the TAPS team for their teaching good paranormal investigation and debunking skills on their SyFy show “Ghost Hunters“, and at their wonderful workshops.  🙂

With my personal paranormal case solved, in the words of the TAPS co-founders:

“On to the next!”

4 thoughts on “My first “Ghost Hunt” at home

  1. lol that is so funny i hope my geruble dosnt escape if it does then i’ll know what the noises are!!

  2. I was starting to get a little freaked out! Now I’m LMAO. Didn’t expect that! 🙂

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