Story of a Spell-Seeking Teen – Part III

In case you missed the beginning of the story:  Part I

And/or the middle:  Part II


X changes spiritual systems, and becomes an expert? in one day!
X posts this link:  Read this article: Wiccans.

And these were X’s words about Wiccans today:

“They have left the road of Christ. Christ is all a person needs to be successful with. Sometimes the Devil and Evil spirits tempt people to leave GOD. I’ve been tempted by Satan to fall down this road that I no longer want to go down to. If you believe in God and keep faith in him then everything will be good. Personally, Wiccans use the excuse that if one is a stranger then they will not cast spells for others. Or other excuses in which you must cast your own spells. PROVE that you religion is real if you claim it to be as good as you say. Simply put: It’s not real. If it were real they would prove to the World that the religion they follow is higher in power then God. But they don’t. They meet mostly in secrecy and do not have legitimate openings where other people can discover this religion. Churches, Kingdom Halls and etc. are known about. However, you do not hear about where Wiccans meet. Wiccans are never mentioned on the news about helping people. When was the last time you’ve ever heard on the news that someone who has cast a spell has helped someone? I was silly enough to believe that this was real. They keep to themselves and run in pacts. This is because they do not realize what is wrong here. They will get defensive and try to argue. However, I find that at least other religions can come out and let the world know what they are about no matter what happens. Until we see them actually cast their spells to help heal this world and make it any better then what they claim God hasn’t done, I believe that they should hush.. They prove nothing and will keep on scamming young teenagers to join them. The “KKK,” group was evil but simply had followers because evil people stick together. Pray to God to help us all.

How can mixing herbs and dirt together automatically help you?

Hmm . . . If you would like to argue with me about Christianity, E-Mail me personally. We can debate and I will prove you WRONG!

Okay X, enough is enough – nobody tried “scamming” you into the religion of Wicca – YOU approached us, with a skewed idea of what Wicca is.  You also obviously have no idea what witchcraft is and what it is not, no basic understanding of the work involved in casting an effective spell, and you seriously lack a sense of ethics, not to mention your lack of good manners and respect for your elders.  Doors WERE opened for you – YOU are the one who slammed them shut.

Being a priest or priestess of Wicca does not mean one has to coddle you or do your bidding without question.   And it doesn’t mean we are obligated to tell you what you want to hear.  If you can’t handle honesty, that is your issue, not ours.

If you don’t wish to actually learn about what the religion of Wicca is (which for the umpteenth time is NOT all about spells), that’s fine, but you need not spread misinformation and lies about Wicca either.

By all means X, turn to Christianity if you feel that is better suited for you.  Personally, I don’t understand how anyone can go from believing in Wicca (a polytheistic religion) to Christianity (a monotheistic religion) in one day.  And I feel that joining one religion because you are angry with folks from another religion isn’t exactly the right reason – but to each their own.  I will warn though that you will not find Christianity to be all about granting prayers and getting  everything you want.   Both Christianity and Wicca are serious SPIRITUAL paths, and neither is about instant gratification.

And now you are actively looking to argue in defense of Christianity?  After one day of  “being Christian”.  Lovely.  I’m sorry, but the truth is that you are not showing any interest in any actual spirituality.

I can only hope that you will take more time to study and learn about your new-found path and its teachings than you did with Wicca, and that you will find the peace and happiness you seek.

But for goodness sake, would you please at least grab a dictionary and look up the word “stranger”, try to understand the context in which it was used and put it in proper perspective!

16 thoughts on “Story of a Spell-Seeking Teen – Part III

  1. I’ve read all three of your posts regarding this particular issue. I have to say that it really sounds more like the person (X) is just a troll looking to stir up trouble. I’ve seen it way too many times on way too many forums. More than likely this person never was Wiccan nor were they in the least bit interested in Wicca. All they really wanted was for someone to disagree with them so they could then go back and “prove” how awful Wicca is. I find it really sad that there are so many people out there that just really don’t have anything better to do with their time that cause problems and headaches for other people.

  2. “Troll” was suspected by several of us too. But she really did put on a good show, so who knows for sure. I’ve encountered some in person too who think that Wicca is supposed to be all “peace and love AND casting spells” and will go off on Wiccans when they find out the religion isn’t exactly what they thought it was. I posted the story for a few non-Wiccan friends with an interest in it (just to understand, not to convert) so they could better understand some of this insane crap we end up dealing with when simply gathering to share our spirituality with one another.

  3. I don’t think I need to give you my thoughts on this whole issue, sistah. You’ve seen my take on SNERTs often enough.

    Truthfully, this is one major reason I no longer participate in Pagan Forums – many of them are overridden by these youngsters with their silly ideas about witchcraft, and even sillier demands from us elders. It’s just not worth the headaches.

    I recall on my own blog having gotten a comment from someone asking “where are the spells? You claim to be a witch but I see no spells here…” When a few of my readers (all of whom like myself are ordained Pagan clergy with many years under their belt) attempted to explain that we don’t post spells on a public website and that’s not what The Craft is about anyway, this commenter threw a hissy fit and sent me an angry email accusing me of being a fraud.

    I think anyone who knows me well enough knows I’m the genuine article.

    But the sad harsh reality of it is that there are people out there whose only thought of witches is “Spells R Us” and who view us as the quick fix for whatever problem they want resolved.

    I think you handled this “Madame X” as best as you could, Crys. Actually, I think you handled her a helluva lot better than I would have. I have neither the time nor the patience for dealing with such twits. I would have likely hit the delete button immediately… Right after I kicked her ass into Kingdom Come, that is.

  4. Hello there Crystal

    My name is Allester I am also a teen sixteen years of age.

    I’ve done alot of reasearch on many religions including wicca and christianity.
    I am a follower of Christ and study and practice the teachings of the bibble as much as I perform magick rituals.

    First of all I would like to opologise to you for her attacks to your religion in the name of Christianity. I opologise for her miss-use of such a religion to make you feel guilty. It offended me but, oh well what can I do…
    Also note that not all sixteen year olds are the way you described us. I thank you for taking your time and patience to try and reason with this child, and let this be a lesson to us all, so that we may better ouselfs.

    blessed be 🙂

  5. Greetings Allester,
    Thanks for stopping by. I appreciate your concern….no worries. That gal did not make me feel guilty in any way – frustrated for a brief amount of time, yes….but I have nothing to feel guilty about. I am comfortable in my beliefs and practice, and I know exactly what my religion is, and what it is not. Such verbal/written attacks do not change reality.

    Yes, I am certainly aware that not all teens are like this girl, and certainly not all Christian followers are like this for that matter – but I and my brother and sister Wiccans have run into A LOT of them that are. It warms my heart when I do come across the rare few in your age group, someone like you, who takes their spiritual searching/education seriously, and does not use it as a soap-box to create conflict with others.

    In my opinion, it is better that we either mind our own spiritual business, or work to build bridges of understanding between faiths, instead of walls to divide us further. Peace on earth begins with each of us. 🙂

    Blessings on your journey.

  6. i was just wondering, how spells really work? and why are those herbs and all required for them to work. and most important, y do witches dont tell spell to common people even if they can, like if someone is asking a spell of something which is beyond their control, then too witches reply like believe in your efforts etc. y is that?

  7. Hi Faith,
    Herbs and all are just focus aids. Rituals and chants are used in spellwork for raising energy and focusing intentions. They are not required for any spell to work. One who is proficient in visualization and focusing their intentions needs no tools or “ingredients” at all, and could cast an effective spell without moving or even saying a word out loud.

    As to how spells really work…I studied the craft for well over a year to learn just the basics of this. I have several answers but really, this cannot be summed up in a few short paragraphs here. Perhaps you could read further on Law of Attraction concepts (there are tons of books and websites about it) as this, though only a partial explanation, is a large part of how spells work.

    Spell-casting takes many years of study and training to become adept at. I put the time and effort in to learn this craft. Anyone else who truly wants to be a witch can do the same. The bottom line is if someone doesn’t know HOW to cast a spell, no spell is likely to work for them. Giving out a set of instructions with an incantation would only be giving someone one small part of a complete spell. The driving force behind a working spell comes from within the person casting it – their focused intentions, their will, their energy. And as everyone should know, misuse or mishandling of energy can result in causing harm. Would you hand a kid who doesn’t know any better a live, exposed electrical wire, encouraging him to grab hold of it?

    Also, spells in real-life are not like what you see in the movies. They are helpful aids to achieve a desired goal – mundane efforts must also be made. In reality spells don’t work instantaneously with a bolt of light and puff of smoke. They do not defy the laws of nature and physics, and they won’t fix all your problems for you. Most “common people” who ask us for spells have an unrealistic idea of what magic is and what it can and can’t do. Also, there are no universal spells that all witches use. We create our own spells for very specific purposes when there is a need. My spells are tailored specifically to myself or those I am casting for. Your intentions are not going to be exactly the same as mine, so my spells would be of no use to you.

    I hope this has helped to answer some of your questions.


  8. hello how you doing? very good and interesting blog:) I was just wandering around on the internet and i ended up here I just got to know this craft thing 2 days post here doesn’t mean to offend anybody or any religion total respect from my side. I ended up here when I saw a question on Y/A “love spells on a specific person?” and you answered it greatly.. firstly science doesn’t agree with the logic of the craft … seriously mam being a male science student if these things really worked half of the skilled people in this thing there would be married to their crush, love of their life….. friends with Johny deep or Brad Pitt , Angelena jolie (megan fox for me LOL) ! Seriously come on..or they would be super rich living a great life. have you ever heard of such a story ? getting their crush after some spell ad mental focus?… and all i guess not !!
    I am not saying it doesn’t work or works I just find it hard to you know believe. I wanted to learn this thing to bring positive energy in my life, open doors to realtionship etc etc but most of the people say its just fake how can some body’s mental focus and concentration or spell make anything work or lighting up candles etc etc?its against science. if this thing worked i would be with my girl who dumped me 😦

  9. Hi Jason,

    I’m going to have to guess that any information you’ve gotten thus far on real-life witchcraft is from erroneous sources. Real-life witchcraft is not what it is portrayed to be in fictional story books, TV shows and movies. It isn’t about controlling other people or getting everything you think you want (but don’t actually need) in life. Real-life witches don’t claim to be able to defy the laws of nature or physics. And science *does* explain how real-life magic, which is rooted in nature and psychology, works.

    For example…let’s look at an old folk magic practice of utilizing willow bark soup or tea for healing a sick person. Add to that potion, the practitioner reciting an incantation over the patient. Way back when, it was rather a mystery as to how and why it worked. Now, as we know through scientific research, there is a chemical found in willow bark that acts as a pain reliever and fever reducer. This led to the production of aspirin tablets. We also know, through psychological research, that our inner thoughts have an affect on how we feel physically. The power of suggestion, planting the seed of thought. This is how such a healing spell works.

    As far as your equating being “rich” to “living a great life”. How do you know these go hand in hand? Think about it, if you were a millionaire, wouldn’t you wonder if people really liked/loved you for you and who you are, or if they were just sucking up to you because you had a lot of money and you could shower them with lavish gifts?

    Me? I’m not materialistic. I work hard to make a modest living, and I feel that I am living a great life. I know my friends are true and that those who love me truly love me for who I am, despite my many flaws, and not just for what I can do for them.

    A money spell isn’t going to give me more than I need, but it can help me to find a better way to budget what I have, or to find a mistake I’ve made in my banking (which has happened, resulting in my getting a refund check for just enough to cover the unexpected expense I cast the spell to help me with.)

    Spells work in conjunction with mundane efforts, not in place of them. Candles and such, they’re just tools, focus aids to help you clear your mind and concentrate on the goal of your spell.

    Go to your local bookstore and check out the self-help section. If self-help tools didn’t work for a lot of people, these books wouldn’t sell at all. But they do. Witchcraft is one way. Perhaps you might find another method that works better for you, but that doesn’t mean my set of skills doesn’t work well for me or other people who have chosen to learn and practice them.

    Sorry for your relationship troubles. We’ve all been there. For most folks, it takes time to find the right partner (and we get our hearts broken a few times along the way). That’s just life. We learn lessons from these situations that help to build our own character. They can also help us see some changes we may need to make in ourselves, and help to teach us what we really want, and don’t want, in future potential partners.

  10. Hi guys. lots of great information here; really I remember I tried to cast a love spell on a woman who used to live next door. she was,is and will always will br the love of my life all i want is to marry her and keep her happy. I still have a strong crush on her.. but here’s the story I did a love spell on her 3 times with great focus… a year passes by and nothing happened . lol … they say love spells on someone is dangerous and we shouldn’t mess with some one’s free will .right? they say it can back fire and the victim may be crazily obsessed stalking with you ! well they are lying I have never heard of a victim getting obsessed or even showing a little interest on the caster.

  11. goodguy..I’m guessing that these “love spells” were your only attempt at spellcraft? That you hadn’t put years of study and training into properly learning and working witchcraft? Just following some spell instructions from a book or a website isn’t actually casting a spell – the driving force behind working an effective spell takes time and training to learn. Unfortunately, over the course of almost 20 years involved in the witchcraft community, I HAVE seen the results of “love spells” gone wrong. Just because you didn’t, doesn’t mean all others who have had these experiences are lying. It seems you can actually be thankful that your attempts didn’t work.

    I mean really, if you’ve tried to initiate a relationship with the girl, asked her out several times, etc. and she wasn’t interested, how would forcing her to be with you against her will make her happy? And would that really make you happy – someone being with you because they are forced to, not because they really want to? IMHO, that’s not love.

  12. kim thank you for your time for replying me. appreciate that.. Seriously I won’t lie to you I don’t have a lot of experience in crafting spell but as much as I know The spell should have actually showed some or any kind of sign. I put a lot energy lot of emotions and lots of focus in doing that and not just following a set of instructions burning some candles etc and I am “not at all” thankful that my attempt did not work I am sad lol . and as far as she being not interested let me tell you she is the biggest son of a bit**. Yes, and I ‘M sorry for using that word but I still love her even after all that she did to me I loved that woman since she was a kid and I was a kid. I did everything for her “everything” and when I say everything I really mean everything that life has to offer. I would even go as far as to say I satisfied and fulfilled her needs that her own parents couldn’t do it for her I sacrificed my time my money and everything that I cannot even mention here.basically I gave her everything. after all these years it turned out to be that she was playing with me using me and cheating on me . All these years wasting on a woman and for her love if she even told me once that she doesn’t want me I would have never ever bothered her again. the amount of pain she has given don’t you tell me its “time to move on, to let it go or how would forcing her to be with you against her will make her happy? orv even be thankfull that it didn’t work”.

  13. Well now I’m confused…so if I’m understanding this right, you actually did have a relationship with this woman. And you tried to be the perfect partner and all, but she used you & cheated on you. Now I’m curious if this all before or after the love spells. In any case, targeted love spells do not create love where there isn’t any (you may have had these feelings for her but she may not have had them for you), and perhaps her will was stronger than yours. You cannot keep a person under your control with magic, so if she was playing with your heart after your love spell attempts, perhaps that was the backfire consequence.

    I’m truly sorry things didn’t work out and this situation caused you pain. I’ve had my fair share of broken-hearted times too. I know it sucks. Of course, it’s totally your choice if you don’t want to find a way to put it in the past and move on. Personally, I can’t keep wasting my time and energy on people who don’t deserve it as it only holds me back. Personally, I feel I deserve to be happy, and walking away from a bad situation, healing, and moving on, is the only way for me to find happiness. I hope some day, you are able to find your happiness too.

  14. Well I think you misunderstood I loved this woman for 7 Years… 7 freaking yearssss !!!!!! I guess she never loved me .. but acted as if she did so that she could use all my hard earned cash and .. we were in a strong relationship. she was gonna be my wife we were gonna have kids ! she didn’t even let me touch her as for the bullshit “sex after marriage” and I respected that. she acted always kind and good to me I always fulfilled everything that she needed from her school days to her graduation but don’t know what suddenly happened when it was time to get settled down she just straight away refused she said she loves some one else and never wanted to see me again its not gonna work out..its crazy how that goes . if you love some one more than your self and then she tells you yesterday she loves you too and today suddenly when you talk about marriage she refuses clearly and breaks up !!!!! seriously ? this is IN-HUMAN!!!!!!Now she doesn’t even looks at me and tells her friend I am a looser !!!!!! How would you feel ?I begged her so much but ….. when I did some due- diligence with her friends I found out that she has been cheating on me since years just because I trusted her more than myself and I did everything she asked and fulfilled her wishes she also told her friends because i love her like a crazy bitc* she is using me….. and the worst part is she isn’t even guilty for what she did :(.. I was depressed and heartbroken for months after that.. I just cannot let her go so easily without making her realize !! put your self in my place and tell me would you let her go after all what they did to you ?

    coming to the spell Then finally I heard about Withcraft and all stuff about love spell . I digged a little deep into it gathered various information.. been learning it for the past 11 months. Coming to the spell I Casted 3 of them in these 11 months her with full focus and emotion but just nothing happened ! I really wanted them to work but just nothing has kicked in. I don’t care about her free will I want to do a love spell and I really really want to make her realize for what she did so that tommorow she may not do this to any other good guy !! I really don’t care if she becomes obsessed with me then I will show her ….I freaking deserve this I will only be happy after she realizes this .. I came here looking for solutions do you have any about how to make the spells work ? any book recommendations ???? any other information …? anything ? I know you would still think its wrong to mess with someone’s free will but trust me there are some rare people on earth they need a dose .

  15. Quite honestly, it takes most witches a year to several years of study and training before they’re even able cast their first working spell, and continued study and practice to become adept spellcraft and casting. I can’t see how you could focus on serious witchcraft training while you’re so busy pining away for this woman and are such an jumble of emotions. But I wouldn’t be so sure that “nothing” happened. Again, you could be experiencing the backfire effect of your spells which is why it seems you can’t move on.

    So, she played you. She told you what you wanted to hear for awhile to string you along, until it was time to seriously act on her claims to love you, then she cut you loose. She cheated on you…she admitted to using you…sweetie, she KNOWS what she did to you, and the reality is that she just doesn’t care. She can’t begin to understand the pain you feel or how she would feel in your shoes. Sadly, there are some people out there that treat others like this. These are not the kind of people I like to keep in my life.

    A spell will not change her, or make her really love you. Period. Also, if she’s not ready to learn her lesson yet, nothing you do is going to teach her. In time she will get back all the pain that she’s dished out, and only then will she begin to understand her own wrongdoings.

    There is no quick fix to a broken heart. You’re just going to have to do the work it takes to heal and move on. You are only continuing to damage yourself by hanging onto her so tightly. I’m sorry, but it seems the only solution isn’t what you want to hear. I will NOT recommend any unethical actions that will only cause you further harm.

  16. @goodguy I know that feelin bro I feel 4 ya ! I to had some same exp as yours but ya know man I never one love spell on someone. I too wanna make mah ex go crazy on me but I just don’t know anythin about withcraft. I wish I did. why don’t ya try contacting a professional spell caster in ya area. I bet they could do dis “love spell on her” for ya ! try some voodoo love spell or honey jar tricks ! have heard they work. Not seen just heard that the exe’s end up like crazy stalkers stories if that’s what ya want. and then they build an attitude like if dey can’t have you no one can ! sounds scary right? You know man no matter how many people out there give you advice you just gonna do what you feel like and no 1 could change it. Life is all about a learning phase no matter how bumpy the road down is there. I hope ya end up in a better place . good luck man

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