Crystal’s Creative Cronies – Carioca Witch

As I often like to quote my favorite bumper sticker, “Witches are crafty people!”, I’ve decided to start a new series of posts featuring some of those creditably creative and crafty folks that I cherish from my circle of friends. While some of my featured crafters may not be Witches (or Wiccan) themselves, they are all my pagan-friendly peeps that have influenced and inspired me in my own craft, and in my life.

I begin this series with a hat-tip to my Spirit Sister, Ocean, of Deaf Pagan Crossroads, for having introduced me to this lovely lady.

While Nydia is rather new in my life and I have not met her in person (though I sure hope to some day!), I have gotten to know her via online communications, and through her beautiful blog, Bringing Up Salamanders.

I affectionately jest, “Bewitched meets Brazil” here, though Nydia’s little witch is her little boy Lucas (who is absolutely adorable!) and they are both brunettes instead of blondes.  😉  Lucas, as you will learn from Nydia’s blog, obviously inherited his Mom’s creative and witchcrafty genes.  I see a bright and blessed future ahead for this boy.

Nydia handcrafts a variety of goddess and god dolls that are simply stunning.  Among her dolls are her visions of goddesses and gods from the mythology of various cultures, Sabbats, seasons, and other spirits. My first purchase, as recommended by Ocean, was this baby ferret goddess doll (pictured below).  She brings to my home the fun and friendly spirit of the ferret, along with fond memories of my own ferret Riker, who crossed the Rainbow Bridge in March of 2003.

This picture just doesn’t do her justice, but she is about 9″ tall and 5″ wide, perfect for adorning an altar or even hanging over it with her attached ribbon and ring, but she can also just be delightful decor.

Though I’d love to collect them all, she has such a super selection that I’ve been struggling to curb my choices to my top three favorites that I will order this year.  This is no easy task, and I may well end up with more if my budget allows.

Nydia also blogs occasionally about a great give-away, with the chance to win one her wares, or those of her own creative cronies.  While I’m a little late in informing you about this one, as Nydia’s New Year give-away is quickly coming to a close – check it out by clicking HERE.  Hurry, you still have time to enter today! 🙂

With her first give-away of 2011, she has challenged her friends and followers to suggest a goddess or god doll that she has not yet created.  My votes were for Quan Yin, in honor of my Chinese friends, and Danu, a goddess of my pagan Irish ancestors.

The winner of this give-away will have one of their suggested goddesses or gods made for them, as interpreted by the Carioca crafter.  I look forward to seeing this new addition to her already ample assortment of deity dolls.

Good luck to all who have entered.  And as for my friends and readers, please do visit Nydia’s blog and browse her Etsy shop.  Enjoy your exploration and may you find, as I have, that Nydia is truly a treasure to the witchcraft community.

Brightest Blessings,


1 thought on “Crystal’s Creative Cronies – Carioca Witch

  1. Nydia makes gorgeous dolls. I have one myself, the Ocean Goddess, which hangs from the ceiling in the foyer of my apartment, where I have a number of Pagan artworks.

    She has a really sweet spirit, as demonstrated by her recent donation of a custom-made doll for Deaf Hope’s Glimmer of Hope Gala Auction – fundraiser for Deaf Hope, an Domestic Violence agency for Deaf individuals.

    I join Crystal in encouraging everyone to check out Nydia’s blog (her little witch Lucas is indeed adorable!), and her Etsy shop.

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