If Imbolc Day Be Snowy and Gray…

I arose early today to check on the weather and let the dog out for her morning constitutional.  It was eerily quiet outside for a mid-week morning; no signs of stirrings of my neighbors, no traffic tooling up and down my road.  Apparently I wasn’t the only one who had a plan for avoiding dangerous driving conditions should the predicted weather prevail. The only sounds were of the slight sleet that was falling which had just begun to take the place of snow, and the flutter of some birds at the feeder, obviously happy that they were not having to forage.

After a brief stroll, breathing in the brisk air and admiring the magnificence of the morning, Miss Mollie and I made our way back into the building and upstairs to our apartment.  With me I carried a cup of freshly fallen snow I had collected to add to my altar as the element of water, because it wouldn’t be long before it melted!  It would also symbolize to me the coming thaw of Spring.

I lit the main candle I had purchased weeks ago with Imbolc in mind.  It is a grayish-blue candle that had me thinking of blue skies to come, and the scent, though rather difficult for me to describe, is what had truly given me an inkling of Imbolc.  Had I only known how timely this particular candle would be.

Created by my friend Annie, of Annie’s Candles, it is called “Storm Watch”.  Indeed a snow storm did arrive yesterday with a snow/sleet mix following for today…and yes, we New Englanders were keeping a close eye on the storm’s path in order to plan accordingly.

Offering up a libation of milk, I paid homage to the goddess Brigid and spoke my Sabbat prayers before going about my day, further honoring the goddess of the hearth with my own domestic duties – laundry, cleaning the kitchen, getting supper starting to simmer in the crock pot, etc.

My altar as of early this morning.


Even Miss Mollie celebrates the Sabbat, settling down on our pentacle rug for some morning meditations.  🙂

“If Imbolc day be snowy and gray,
Winter soon will melt away.
If Imbolc day be sunny and bright,
Winter shall retain it’s might!”

If we are to believe the Imbolc lore as recited in the above rhyme, coupled with the announcement that Punxatawney Phil did not see his shadow at this morning’s Groundhog Day festivities in PA, it would seem that Spring is not too far away.

My Mollie girl heading back in from a quick afternoon outing.

Our day has certainly been snowy and gray!

Dare I disagree with Phil and predict Spring to come round about March 20th, which is in fact the Spring Equinox?  Apologies to my fellow New Englanders who are growing winter-weary and are sick of snow-shoveling at this time.  While Mother Earth may now be stirring from her slumber, I don’t think we saw the last blast of winter today.

For me, daylight has now surrendered to the dark, though my altar candle still burns brightly, and my creamy crock-pot creation calls.  I hope that an incredible Imbolc was had by all, and may Brigid bestow her blessings upon you.

I leave you with this lovely video I found on YouTube, that shares a mix of this Sabbat’s lore along with some awesome Imbolc artwork…just click on the picture below and it will take you to the video!  🙂  Enjoy!


2 thoughts on “If Imbolc Day Be Snowy and Gray…

  1. Actually I offered up to Brigid some Bushmill’s Irish whiskey and some Irish oatmeal, along with a glass of milk. Something tells me she’s gonna bypass the dairy and go for the booze instead.

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