Digging into 2011

I don’t make New Year’s resolutions…anymore.  I’ve tried in years past, but have found that as easy as they are to make (January 1, 2010: I will blog more this year!), they are equally as easy to break (note last Crystal’s Corner blog post of 2010 was in March). 

Well, once the warm and sunny spring weather arrived, I found myself wanting to be outdoors in my gardens rather than continuing to coop myself up in my living room.  Nature is often my muse, and when I am most inspired to write is usually when I don’t have anything handy to write more than a couple of reminder notes with.  Then the problem lies in remembering where I left my reminder notes.  

I also had a lot of problems with my desktop dinosaur last year that didn’t help.  Though for Yule I received a brand new MacBook Pro, so heck, when this winter is over, I can keep writing to my heart’s content while sitting out in my garden if I choose to. Watch out cyber world, you might just hear more from me now that I’m mobile!  But I digress.

The thing about New Year’s resolutions that bothers me is this – if there is a change that needs to be made in my life, a goal I want to work toward, or even a project I realize I’ve been procrastinating on, there’s no time like the present to get going on it.  I find it hard to believe that most folks don’t recognize what their resolution should be for weeks, maybe even months before the first day of the new year.

In late September through early October 2010, I read Elemental Love Styles” by Dr. Craig Martin.  As one of the blurbs states, this book is “A guide to self-discovery that not only sets you on a path to understanding your own needs for love but also to finding the love inside yourself.”  I’m all for self-discovery and self-help.  In fact, my religion of Wicca is very much a path of personal growth. 

I’ve actually lost count of the number of self-discovery and self-help books I read in 2010.  Obviously I knew I had some inner-work to do. I had some changes to make to create a better, more positive me, that can actually achieve the goals I set for myself, but I wasn’t quite sure exactly what they were.  So I became like a sponge, soaking up as much as I could from numerous sources.

While reading Chapter 8 of “Elemental Love Styles”, it really jumped out and gave me a proverbial thunk upside the head.  The chapter focuses on DIG.

DIG is the author’s acronym for “Dynamic Inner Growth”.  As the author states, “DIG happens through introspection.  Simply put, DIG occurs when you take a look at your stuff.”  Well of course.  In reading all those self-help type books last year, I was learning about a lot of wonderful self-improvement tools, but at the same time, I wasn’t taking a good hard look at “my stuff” to determine which of those tools I really needed to work with in order to grow.   I had to really start digging into myself for DIG to happen.  The first tool I needed to use was a psychological shovel, so that’s what I started with.

Now when you decide to DIG, be forewarned that it is hard, messy work.  While you may find some treasures as you go, you can and will dig up some pretty nasty looking things as well.  We all have them, those character flaws, those unsavory little bits and pieces of ourselves that we often choose to bury deep down inside  and ignore.  DIG helps you to unearth them, to look at them honestly and recognize the opportunity and ability to change them, to make better choices.   When you fully understand the job that needs to be done, you are better able to choose the appropriate tools to use for it.

That said, I add this gentle reminder about self-improvement tools – think of them as actual, physical tools in a toolbox.  You may recognize a screwdriver, know its purpose, and understand how to use it.  But if you don’t physically take it out of the toolbox and work with it, nothing’s getting screwed.  (Hang on, that doesn’t sound quite right. LOL  Okay, well if not taken out of my intended context, you’ll understand what I’m saying.)

So while DIG was more of an autumn awakening than a New Year’s resolution for me, when my Spirit Sister over at Deaf Pagan Crossroads challenged her friends and readers to come up with a word of the year for themselves a few weeks ago, DIG was my response.  I have more work to do, thus I am digging into 2011.  I use the acronym as a short & sweet reminder to keep taking those tools out of my personal growth toolbox and work with them.

It won’t be so easy to push aside and forget about entirely come gardening season either, since I do a lot of digging there too.

And yes, eventually I will dig my way to China!   🙂

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