Destination Boston

Saturday, March 13, 2010, 9:30 am

My friend Rose and I stood on the platform awaiting the commuter rail train, thinking we must be crazy as the wind whipped and the rain beat down.

(The local weather report had claimed it was only going to be overcast for the day with a few periods of light drizzle.  Trying to think positive, I kept announcing, “it’s going to clear up some”.  Surprise surprise, the weather-men, and I, were wrong!)

The purpose of our trip – to meet up with Amanda Rosenblatt, volunteer fan ambassador for one of my favorite television shows.  Being the die-hard “Destination Truth” fan I am, I wasn’t letting the unpredicted unfavorable weather ruin this plan.  We had a schedule and we were sticking to it.

Amanda was catching the commuter rail from Providence, and would be arriving in Boston about an hour after Rose and I…or so it was supposed to be.  She called me en route to inform us she was delayed.  It seemed the inclement weather was wreaking havoc on the train schedules.  Rose and I chose to stay and wait patiently at South Station and have a chat over coffee, staying warm and dry.

Amanda finally arrived safe and sound and found us in the station.  Yay!  I had been anxious to meet Amanda in person, just hang out for a while and get to know her better, as well as I had wanted to treat her to lunch as a “thank you” for all the hard work she does.

Amanda has created and maintains what I consider a one-stop-shop for Destination Truth and Josh Gates fans, all on her own time.

For any fan who hasn’t found them yet, I highly recommend checking out her sites where you will find a wealth of information including interviews with Josh and other cast/crew members, photos, videos, links, updates, exclusives, etc.  Here are a couple of links to get you started:

Singularity: A Joshua Gates Fan Page

Destination Truth Fan page on Facebook

Amanda proposed a couple choices of casual places for lunch.  Being more familiar with the city than Rose and I, we trusted her judgment and let her lead the way.  We made our way to Boloco for some mighty tasty burritos – good choice Amanda.

So then what do three lovely ladies do out on the town in such weather?  Shopping, of course.  And mind you, I’m not a shopper, but what the heck, it was dry indoors, and it’s much more fun when poking around shops with some friends.  Mostly we were just browsing, discussing a bit about the show and the fan sites, and cracking jokes about stuff we found in the stores.  Seriously…who would wear those shoes?!  😉

We all agreed to make our way to Chinatown and check out a couple of souvenir shops.  Both Amanda and I actually had some things in mind we were looking for there.  And Rose, goddess love her – she’s adventurous – which is why I’ve been trying to turn her into a “Destination Truth” fan too!  Being totally new to “Destination Truth”, Rose didn’t get all the joking references Amanda and I made to witty Josh & crew comments from past seasons and extras clips, but she tolerated our amusing ourselves with them all afternoon.

Eventually we ended up at Essex Corner, the gift shop which I wanted to pop into while there to pick up a couple of wine bottle covers that look like little Chinese dresses.  (They add a little flare to giving a bottles of wine as a gifts.)  Lots of fun & interesting trinkets at this store.  But what ultimately captured the attention of Amanda and I?

The official name on the box “Porcelain Roly-poly Lucky Cat”

But I was calling them “Chinese lucky cat weeble thingies”.

Okay, so we were cold, waterlogged, and getting silly.  We had the ones on display wobbling and dancing all over the shelf  and were cracking ourselves up with them.  After a few minutes of this, as Rose was starting to inch away and pretend she didn’t know us, Amanda and I both decided we needed one of these to bring home for our desks. Amanda called them “bad mood erasers”.  Sure!  All I need do in the middle of a stressful day at work now is set my lucky cat weeble thingie a wobbling, and I’ll just have to smile as I’ll be instantly taken back to my first “Destination Truth” fan meet-up and what a whacky day it was.

Well, wouldn’t you know, one of the customers who had been close-by chuckling at us playing with these things decided she had to get one too.  I was sure we weren’t leaving that shop without Amanda getting a job offer to be a sales clerk.  LOL

The weather had gotten wilder for our trek back to the train station, and we were getting sick of the beating we were taking.  Amanda reminded me that the “Destination Truth” team hikes through jungles and up mountains, often facing inclement weather while carrying all of their packs of investigation gear and camera equipment.  Right!  So we shouldn’t be complaining!  Then she followed with, “but we’re not Destination Truth crew”.  LOL  Okay, I guess we’re not quite cut out for that, so devoted fans we will remain, living vicariously through the travels of “Team Truth”.

It wasn’t the best day for snapshots. By this point, we were all thoroughly soaked, windblown, and in a rush to catch our trains home, so here’s the one quick photo Rose managed to take of Amanda and I sporting our “Destination Truth” accessories before we bid Amanda farewell and Rose and I ran for our train.

Thanks for a good time gals – next time, we do this on a sunny day!

So, here I am at home now, reminiscing about my latest Boston adventure while watching Season 1 of “Destination Truth” which was just released on DVD today!  (As promised, I picked up a copy for Rose too – she has lots of catching up to do!)

Season 3.5 of Syfy’s “Destination Truth” begins tomorrow night, March 17th, 10:00 pm EST, and features what I’m sure will prove an entertaining episode, with footage from the team’s trip to Ireland, in honor of St. Patrick’s Day.

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