Girls Just Want to Have FUN!

Before I get on with the posts of a more spiritual nature that I mentioned Saturday, just a little note to say that our “girls’ night out” bachelorette party was a complete success! 🙂

Girls Night Out

The bachelorette and lady of honor for the evening was Jen

(in the middle – “decorated” in pink & black)

I (on the right end of the photo) had not previously met the rest of this group, but we quickly managed to mesh together as if we had been lifelong friends.

The party traveled to three different venues starting at my hometown pub, where Jen bartends part-time, for a quick drink and some get-this-party-started pictures (and so our regular crew could see us off).  Heck, it was just fun having all the locals see us arriving all dolled up in a stretch limo.

We then headed into the city to Club Kas Bah where another friend’s band “Route 66” was the entertainment for the evening – we stayed for a couple of sets and some stirring things up there, and then moved on to the other end of the city and The Irish Times, which is two clubs in one – dance club with DJ on the second floor and the city’s best bands featured on the first floor.

We turned heads everywhere (of course, I’m sure that has a lot to do with Jen making us wear those feather boas!)

My feet were killing me by the end of the evening after all the dancing – but as one of the gals quoted from the movie “The Haunting” –

“It’s a small price to pay for such savage kicks.”

The gentleman in the middle of this gaggle of giggling girls was our limo driver, Brad.  I have to give this guy kudos as we were set to “wild & crazy”.  (Yeah well, none of us really get out often for a night to cut loose with the girls.)  Brad kind of doubled as driver and bodyguard – ensuring our safety and seeing that we were having worry-free fun.  He did a great job!

Sorry folks, but I’ll have to leave out the juicy details of the evening’s events.  Kind of like Vegas, what happens at girls’ night out, well, you get it.

I will say –

Lots of laughs were had by all!

Thanks for the good times girlfriend!  And congrats!


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