Catching up with Crystal

Greetings All,

I know I’ve been away from my home computer for quite awhile and not posting updates here. (My bad!)

But rest assured, now that I’ve figured out how to get my new digital camera pictures downloaded and in order here, I will be posting my personal and pagan perspectives on the many interesting adventures I’ve enjoyed thus far this year.

Check back soon for:

TAPS in Taunton
The Country Bumpkins – Culture Shocked
Crystal on Cape Cod II
Whisker Walk 2009

Just to name a few.

2009 has been quite busy!

When not embarking on a new adventure, Mollie and I have been spending much time in the beautiful (and big!) back yard at my folks’ house. Dad-Daughter-Dog time has been very important to me since Mom passed. As we always were an outdoorsy family, we three have been spending much of our free time during this season in the gardens. We’ve planted our herb and veggie gardens for this year. (If only I could get Mollie to dig holes where I WANT them!)

But the majority of our attention this season has been tending to all the fabulous flower gardens that my Mom left behind – they got a little out of control the last few years when she was too sick to tend to them, and we were too busy tending to her. Last Spring when we lost Mom, these things just didn’t top the priority list.

But this is a brand new year, and life goes on. I think we all feel her spirit smiling down on us as we spend quality time together with friends and family restoring the luster of the legacy she left us.

I’m sure that will also bring me to a post about healing and growth through gardening. 🙂

But for now, I must be going to prepare for my girlfriend Jen’s bachelorette party this evening. Girls night out on the town! WooHoo! (Oh, the poor limo driver will have his hands full with us!)

Many blessings.

~ Crystal

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