Who is She? Honoring the Triple Goddess.

Prior to joining some friends for the beginning of the Super Bowl on Sunday evening, I spent the afternoon preparing my altar, my home, and myself for Imbolc.  Having mentioned my afternoon activities later, I was asked “What is Imbolc?”

When I begin to explain a little about Imbolc to my non-Wiccan, non-witch friends here in New England, the first reaction is usually one of confusion…  “It’s a Spring thing?!” This is usually due to the foot of snow that still covers the ground, with a pending prediction of more, along with some anything but Spring-like temperatures and winds.

However, this Imbolc eve’s temperatures were quite mild. Just before sunset, Mollie and I embarked on our afternoon walk in the woods.  I was pleased to be greeted with a break from the bitter cold we had been experiencing.  I was equally elated to see that some of the ice had melted on the pond and the streams running into it – we could see water.  And the breeze that blew through my hair did in fact feel like one of early spring.  This mild weather continued on through Imbolc day.

(But alas, Punxsutawney Phil did see his shadow at yesterday morning’s Groundhog Day celebration, predicting six more weeks of winter.  And today, the snow is once again blanketing my yard.  But that’s okay.  To quote a couple of lines from a song by Lorelei Greenwood, as taught to me by my good friend Ocean of Deaf Pagan Crossroads, “But somewhere, Spring waters are starting to flow…But somewhere, Spring breezes are starting to blow.”)

For Spring Sabbats, we celebrate the Goddess in her Maiden form.  However, Brigid, the Celtic Goddess specifically associated with Imbolc is a Triple Goddess.  I contemplated this.  As these tough economic times cause quite a few frustrations both at work and home, I find myself needing to draw on each aspect of the Triple Goddess to cope.  And so, in addition to my regular Imbolc festivities, I also paid tribute to the Triple Goddess.

Who is She?

Song By Vibra and Susan Falkenrath

“Who is She? / She is the Young One

With shining eyes and fearless heart

She brings the dawn

Who is She? / She is the Young One

The daring dreamer

She runs alone / She runs alone

O silver crescent

Thou lovely Maiden,

Come, Young One, Come.


Who is She? / She is the Lover

Her bones and blood are of the Earth

She holds us all

Who is She? / She is the Lover

Unfailing bounty

She walks in power / She walks in power

O blessed full moon

Thou sacred Mother

Come, Lover, come.


Who is She? / She is the Old One

Who has survived beyond her fear

She laughs out loud

Who is She? / She is the Old One

With love and wisdom

She leads the way / She leads the way

O waning gold moon

Thou honored Crone Queen

Come, Old One, come.


Who is She?”

“Who is She?” is one of my favorite pieces of music dedicated to the Goddess.  This song may be found on Reclaiming’s “Second Chants” CD.

The photos, taken during my trips to Salem, MA, are of the lovely stained glass windows that adorn the Salem Witch Village.

3 thoughts on “Who is She? Honoring the Triple Goddess.

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  2. Amazing pictures! Spring is almost alive here in Texas and the south, and we’re hoping our fellow pagans/Wiccans are getting the same weather soon up north. Blessed be.

  3. Thank you! It’s still quite cold here, not many signs of Spring just yet.

    I was sad to see, the last time I went to Salem, that the Maiden window had been broken so it was boarded up. I didn’t pop in to ask, was hoping it was an accident and not purposely vandalized by folks who have issues with today’s witches.

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