Crystal on Cape Cod

As much as I enjoy the beauty of fresh fallen snow on a winter’s day…

woodshed-in-winter1Woodshed in the field at my family home – December 2008

Winter has its share of trials.

After a week-long power outage at my apartment building due to an ice storm in December, along with the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, and getting buried under a few feet of snow, Mollie woke me early on New Year’s Day for her breakfast and morning walk.  The outdoor thermometer read a whopping zero degrees, and as you can see, didn’t climb much higher later in the day.  Add to that the blustery BRRRR!

happy-new-year-tempMy apartment window thermometer – New Year’s Day 2009

A couple more weeks of continuously cleaning snow off the cars,  back-wrenching snow shoveling, slip-sliding on the ice (and landing hard on my bottom several times – OUCH!), the bitter cold, and the economic recession causing a lot of stress at work and a somewhat dismal start to 2009 – the winter woes were starting to take hold.

So, just how does Crystal banish the winter blues?

At the beach, of course.


kimbeachturtle8x61Me on the beach in Brewster, MA (see the snow?)

My folks have had a time-share at Brewster Green Resort on Cape Cod for some 25 years or so.  They always enjoyed the quiet calm of Cape Cod off season, and took a two week trip there every January.  This year, though we’re minus Mom, my Dad kept up the tradition of providing a little post-holiday escape for friends and family – four days of which included my boyfriend and I.

Okay, so, it wasn’t exactly swimming and sunbathing at the beach.  😉  But, this mini-vacation was just what the doctor ordered.  No matter the time of year, the ocean air always refreshes me and rejuvenates my spirit.

My early morning hours were spent engaging in some me-time meditations, while the rest of the daytime and evenings were spent enjoying good food, good fun, and good company, along with some stimulating scenery.  (Albeit a little chilly, the midwinter weather on the Cape tends to be much milder than that of home.)

As the hours passed, I felt the stress melting away like the snow in spring.

What more can I say?

Sometimes, a picture is worth a thousand words.

snowbeach5Chatham Lighthouse Beach at Sunset

chathamlightsunset2Chatham Lighthouse at Sunset

kimdad1Me & my Dad posing pretty in our Cape house living room.

kim_fireMe sipping a glass of Chardonnay by the fire –

The wine is from Cape Cod’s own Truro Vineyards –  and it is Yummy!

scargotowerduoMe and Dad atop Scargo Tower, Dennis, MA

Wow – what a view!

kim-in-jacuzziChillin?  NO!  Warmin’ in the Brewster Green clubhouse’s jacuzzi.

Stress?  What stress?  LOL

And as you can probably tell by now, Evan spent a lot of time on the other side of the camera.  Hey, it’s one of his hobbies, and he’s pretty good at it, IMHO (especially considering I usually cringe when I see photographs of myself, but most of his seem to come out quite well – worthy of my posting ;-))

~ Thanks for the pics sweetie!  And of course, for many more fond memories.  🙂

Back at home – the thermometer may still read negative 5 degrees for my morning walk with Mollie, winter winds still howl, and we will surely see more snow.  But Imbolc is just about upon us.  The days are growing longer, the sun is growing stronger, and I can sense the promise of spring.



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