In Loving Memory of a four-legged friend…

Aside from the pleasing sight of crocuses and jonquils that have sprouted up in the yard over the last week, it is still not feeling much like Spring here. Today was cold and misty as Mollie and I set off on our afternoon walk. The dreary day mirrored my mood. I was contemplating that this time of Spring, usually a time to celebrate new life and new beginnings, in and around my life this year, has been a time laden with endings and loss.

One of those losses is what brings me to this blog.

On Wednesday evening, I received a message from a dear friend, Mary, informing me that her family dog, Dude, had passed away the night before.

Those who know me well know that the dogs in my life are very special to me. Among the four male dogs that friends often referred to as my “four-legged nephews”, Dude was one. Once I adopted Mollie, he quickly became one of her pup-pals as well.

Unfortunately, Mollie and I had not been to visit Mary and family for quite awhile.

Sigh…it’s so easy to get wrapped up in some things and put off doing others…and you always think there’s going to be more time…

But life is short, and I should know better than to procrastinate when it comes to visiting friends who mean so much, including those four-legged friends who have brought so much joy to my life over the years.

Mollie, though she understands much English, doesn’t quite understand that one of her friends is gone…yet. She will certainly know that he’s missing from Mary’s home the next time we visit. 😦 She did understand, however, that Mommy was sad, even if she didn’t know why, and she comforted me with cuddles and kisses.

This is one of many reasons why dogs make such good companions. They are sensitive to your moods; they share in your sadness, and cheer you with their silliness. Dude was no exception. Over the years, that crazy canine provided his family, including his adopted “auntie”, with much love and comfort, as well as many, many laughs.

For being such a mass of muscle, Dude was a very gentle dog. His lovable and quirky personality afforded him several silly “nicknames”: Doodles, Doodle Bug, Buggles, and Buggie.

Of all the silly stunts I’ve seen dogs perform, Buggie was the only one I ever saw do a headstand! He would literally stand on his head in “his” chair, leaning his body up against the chair back, and then slowly slide down onto the seat of the chair, giving you this goofy look and “talking” while upside down.

It always cracked me up.

Dude - post headstand

Dude – post headstand.

My sincere thanks to Mary and family for having shared Dude’s life with me. I cherish the fond memories. I know how much he meant to you, and I share in your sorrow. Love and hugs, and comforting energies to you all.

Dude…my buddy, my Doodle Bug, it is with much sadness and regret that I say I’m sorry that I didn’t get to see you and play with you one last time before you crossed the rainbow bridge. Even though “auntie” hasn’t been around much as of late, I’ve thought of you often, and thinking of you always brought a smile to my face. You’ve left your pawprint on my heart.

Mollie and I will miss you.

We bid you farewell, our four-legged friend.

1 thought on “In Loving Memory of a four-legged friend…

  1. I know well the pain of losing a loved spirit! I am an avid dog lover/animal lover. I just wanted to send some love energy your way.

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