Blessed Samhain

That which was sown has been reaped
And Earth prepares for her Winter’s sleep.
The wheel of the year has turned again

Bringing us to Samhain – Summer’s end,
The veil between the worlds is thin
And the Celtic New Year will now begin.

As we honor our loved ones who have passed on,

let us not forget those

who died in the name of Witchcraft.

May their spirits be at peace

in the Summerland.


Photo by Crystal Dolphin
Taken at the Witch Trials Memorial, Salem, MA

I took this photo during a special visit to Salem with my dear friend, High Priestess, and soul sister, Ocean.

For some history and information on Samhain, please see my previous post, “The Pagan Irish & Halloween”, as well as Ocean’s Samhain post at Deaf Pagan Crossroads.


Samhain Blessings,



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