A Witch’s ABC’s

Recently I’ve been asked by a few people about my lifestyle as a Witch. One person I’ve been conversing with implied that I am “too into all this spiritual stuff”.

I thought this odd because as far as my lifestyle goes, I think I’m a fairly normal person, living a fairly normal life. I go to work Monday through Friday and do my job; I cook my meals, walk my dog, clean my house, do my laundry, watch some TV, visit with friends and family…you get the picture, right? That is the average week in the life of Crystal. Exciting, huh? 😉

I do not consider my spirituality something I am “into”. It is simply a part of who I am, as much a part of me as my fingers that are typing this now. While certain amounts of my time may be set aside for more “witchy” types of activities, my average daily life is just that – average.

My spirituality is incorporated into my daily life, quite basically in my actions and behavior.

I’ve been contemplating how it is that I could explain this to someone simply. This isn’t easy. When I started listing all the ways that my spirituality is meshed with my everyday life, I realized that, had I the time, I could write a book. (No, Al, my friend – I haven’t actually started writing a book yet! I was thinking more along the lines of the “Reader’s Digest” version here, not the “War and Peace” version. 😉 )

Then today, I saw a plaque at a local business. Upon reading it, I thought how well most of its message fit into my beliefs and lifestyle. I inquired about the plaque. The piece was called “Alphabet for Life (An A-Z guide to mindful living)”, though the owner did not know the name of the designer. But it got me to thinking that this would be a good way to express my beliefs and lifestyle, in a short and sweet version, including as much of me as possible in such.

So, with some minor adjustments, but mostly just as I read it earlier today, here it is…A Witch’s Alphabet for Everyday Life:

Accept Differences

Be Kind

Count Your Blessings


Express Thanks


Give of Yourself Freely

Harm No One

Imagine More

Jettison Anger

Keep Confidences

Love Truly

Master Something

Nurture Hope

Open Your Mind

Protect the Earth

Quietly Meditate

Revere Nature

Seek Wisdom

Touch Hearts


Value Truth

Work Hard

Xeriscape (Conserve Water)

Yearn for Peace

Zealously Support a Worthy Cause

Please feel free to share your thoughts on some ABC’s for life, or even your own list of ABC’s!

Watch out for that “X” though – that’s a tough one! Not too many words that start with X! 🙂

Blessed Be!


4 thoughts on “A Witch’s ABC’s

  1. same here i get up do my morning ritual giving thanks to deity, walk dogs clean house yadda yadda its just part of me,by the way i like your abc,s

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  3. I usually expect alphabet things like this to be campy, but I read yours anyway and I really like it! Thank you for sharing that with us.

    Linked here from your dating game post. Pagan guys do exist! I’m one. =)

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