Remembering 9/11 – My Prayer

Today I went to work, like any other day. Engrossed in projects and deadlines, my thoughts did not meander far beyond my office walls.

But today is not like any other day. Today is 9/11/2007. Today is the six year anniversary of the tragic terrorist attacks on our country.

And so tonight, my thoughts are on this.

I smudged my house to clear away negative energies and my stresses of the workday.

From my Craft cabinet, I retrieved a jar candle containing layers of red, white, and blue wax. Inscribed on the side is this message:

America Remembers


And so we do. Memorial services and ceremonies were held across the land in remembrance of this fateful day.

We can not, nor should not forget.

As I placed my memorial candle on my altar, I joined so many others in remembering…in shedding tears…and, as I lit the candle…in prayer.


Blessed Mother of the Earth,
Great Goddess, Queen of Night

And our Father Sun,
Horned God of might

As we honor those

Who were lost on this day

May you lend us your wisdom

And guide our way

Beyond our anger, and our fear

That we may grow stronger

With each passing year.

May you wrap us in

Your loving arms

And protect us all

From evil and harm.

May you shower us with

Your love and light,

That together

We may unite

And stand with courage

As one Nation,

And turn our sorrow

Into determination

To uphold what is good, and right.


As my candle burns for our country

I send out my healing energy

Standing before my altar, I pray

For Peace, and Comfort, and Harmony.


Gracious Lord and Lady,

I thank you for your blessings.

So Mote It Be.


Written and recited by Crystal Dolphin, September 11, 2007










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